A downloadable game for Windows

Pogo For Workgroups, PFWG as short, was born as a work-related game jam project that tries to introduce what a labor day with our working group feels like. 

You can choose between 4 of the playable characters, jump around a virtual representation of our real-life offices and do your daily chores as quickly as possible.


Action Keyboard & Mouse Controller
Move W | A | S | D Left Joystick
Look Mouse Right Joystick
JumpLeft mouse buttonLeft Trigger
ThrowRight mouse buttonEast Button
InteractE | SpaceSouth Button
Big HeadQNoth Button
ExitESCStart Button


Special thanks:

TheBaseMesh - 3D props

Comp3 Interactive - Base Human Mesh

ChipTone - SoundFX

Imagex - Title Font

Kenney - Input Prompts


PFWG.zip 48 MB


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